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How To: look after a sore tummy

So this week I’ve had a sore tummy. A really, really sore tummy. Like things are a bit stuck, a bit bloated (like a big, round drum-skin), a bit sore (especially after eating), I’m really not hungry and I’m more than a bit gassy. Now, that all might be a bit TMI (and sorry if it is) but as I chat to more and more people, I realise that this is a normal thing for lots of ladies and dudes. Not just an ‘I’m feeling a bit off and outta whack’ sort of thing, but an everyday thing. That’s not okay. Your tummy is meant to be your friend not your enemy and if you’re getting any (or all) of the troubles that I’ve been getting then your tummy is trying to tell you something. I used to have these kinds

Bedtime Rituals

Do you feel tired at the end of the day? I sure do. Not terribly tired, just a bit weary and more than ready to hit the hay sooner rather than later (hey - Club Doona is the cool place to be, right?). Sometimes I have trouble getting to sleep though. There are too many things and thoughts and wishes that run through my brainpan at high speed squeaking 'YOU HAVE TO GET THIS DONE NOW'. Now, Rational Me knows that that is not a true fact - they are not things that need to be done between the hours of 7-9pm. Those hours are for unwinding, and are meant to be spent either by yourself decompressing or connecting with loved ones. But once in this tired place Rational Me doesn't function so well. It

Anti-Inflammatory Tea

So last week I ventured off to the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in Tassie for a bit of a hiking adventure. Let me just say that it was completely breathtaking. It was seven days of vast expanses of gorgeous scenery, fresh mountain air, wildlife, early nights and waking up with the first birdcalls of the day. Also I may have indulged in a slight bit of mountain climbing - let me say ladies, if anyone needs a bit of empowerment nothing makes you have an ‘I am woman’ moment more than climbing a mountain. Totally. Awesome. But, as with all good outdoors adventures there is a slight risk of injury. On day 5 I managed to twist an ankle and an old hamstring injury started to play up

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