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Sometimes in life we can feel positively on top of the world, but other times we feel somewhat sub-optimal. We might get more headaches than usual, or our IBS might play up. Perhaps something has triggered your anxiety or PMS to flare up. Often these things seem unconnected, but they're confusing, annoying and they get in the way of the things we have to do! The world of health can be a confusing place to dive into, especially when faced with a number of different ailments. Where does one start to make them better? But you know what? Health is important! And more importantly, it doesn't have to be hard. Ask yourself the following questions.... Has pain been stopping you from

10 Reasons to get Acupuncture

Have you been hearing about this thing called 'Acupuncture' but not quite sure what it is or what it can treat? I’m sure you’ve heard of it - the odd Chinese therapy where someone sticks pins in you. I grew up in a household that used Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as the main source of treatment for all ailments and so to me it seems like such a simple, safe and effective treatment method. For others though, I know it can sound a bit strange. How does Acupuncture work? In a nutshell? Neurofeedback. What that means is that Acupuncture accesses your nervous system. By inserting needles into certain points on the body, your Acupuncturist stimulates your nerve pathways to create a specific ef

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