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How to prep your lunches like a boss

So, since I’ve started posting regular pictures of my lunches a funny thing has happened….at least 3 people came up to me last week and said ‘dude, you inspired me. Check out my lunch - it’s just like yours’ This is both a humbling thing, (yay! people are packing their lunches) and slightly terrifying thing (oh my god people actually read what I write here). Now people have been telling me that my lunches look fantastic for years - between workmates at jobs, study mates at uni and lazy housemates who want to steal my lunches, people have been asking me how I put these things together. And yanno what…it’s really not hard. Honestly, those lunches that I pop together take about 90 seconds of pl

How to put yourself back together after a major illness

​So, a couple of weeks ago I got sick. Not just like a cold/flu sick. In hospital sick. For a couple of days. And I made them let me leave early because the lady next to me kept yelling at 3am and I couldn’t get any sleep. Let’s not go into details, but it wasn’t a fantastic situation. After a 40 degree fever, at least 2 (or was it 3? I can’t remember) kinds of IV antibiotics, lots of very strong painkillers and many, many hugs later I made it home with several prescriptions for more antibiotics, 2 boxes of panadol, and the promise to sit very still for a little while and let myself get better. In fact, here’s a picture of me at 11pm in my ward bed, listening to yoga podcasts, wearing my fav

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