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My top 5 favourite herbs to use at home

Did you know that Chinese Medicine is more than just Acupuncture, Massage and Cupping? No? Well, it totally is! Chinese Medicine also encompasses a whole lot of herbal medicine. In fact, practitioners have been using herbs, teas, decoctions and pills for several thousand years. Ancient Chinese Medicine practitioners discovered hundreds of formulas made up of between 2-20 traditional herbs, all for a range of different disorders. There are formulas for digestion, insomnia, headaches, stress, period pain, arthritis….honestly, the list goes on! But that doesn’t mean that it’s complicated. Actually, it’s quite simple and many of the herbs that we use in our formulas can be found in your kitchen.

Seasonal Living: Spring

It’s spring! The days are beginning to get longer and the flowers are blooming. I’m starting to see people frolicking in the sun, lounging in parks and generally getting happy that the end of winter has finally arrived. I’ve definitely been kicking off my shoes and digging my toes into grass during lunchtime jaunts to the park. Isn’t it fabulous? In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we think of the body as a small version of the universe around us - a microcosm of the macrocosm. As the seasons change, so should we. Humans should be adaptable; to flow with the seasons is to live in harmony. By doing this, we can avoid illness. What happens to our Qi in spring? Spring is the season of the WO

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