A few things about me & my health philosophy

I grew up in a household with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

When I was growing up my aunt Suzie was studying TCM at UTS. I vividly remember being one of her case studies for a first year assessment! Suzie shared many tips and tricks with me – acupressure points, herbal tea recipes and diagnostic theory. It really sparked my interest in how the body works, TCM theory and how easy it is to live a healthy lifestyle.

I love the outdoors

I’ve always loved very long walks. If I ask you ‘shall we go for a stroll?’ there’s a very good chance that it might end up being longer than you imagined. In my early twenties I discovered the joy of the Blue Mountains and suddenly, my life changed! Ever since then I’ve been strolling the many trails from Springwood all the way out to Lithgow. Now I couldn’t imagine a life without hiking in it! Sydney is one of the few cities in the world with so many national parks accessible by public transport, and I’ve given myself the challenge of exploring as many of them as possible. My outdoor travels have taken me on so many different adventures. Now I’ve branched out to mountain biking and rock climbing too!

I’m a cyclist

Bicycles are my second favourite thing – after hiking of course – and so I can occasionally look slightly windswept. I like to think that this gives me a bit of a hard-core edge to my look, but really it’s just because there’s nothing better than rolling down a hill with the wind in your hair!

But on a more serious note, I’m a total advocate for urban cycling. From experience it makes life more easy, simple and streamlined. It decreased the need for cars, reduces your carbon emissions and helps you save money on gym memberships. Also, it’s kinda sexy. Who doesn’t love looking at pictures of suave Europeans looking fabulous on bicycles and the like?

I’ve been commuting on the roads for nearly 7 years now and overall I’ve found that it makes life easier. And it’s not as scary as it looks. I love that the City of Sydney Council are completely committed to making life more smooth and sustainable.

I struggle with acne

I’ve struggled with severe cystic acne since the age of 10. I find it’s a bit of a management process – some months are good, some aren’t. It’s a learning process that is constantly evolving for me and I’m always on the lookout for new tips and tricks to help. This is one of the main reasons that I got into Acupuncture and TCM in the first place – as a way of managing my skin and minimising the scarring. Now I use a combination of lifestyle modifications, stress relief, herbs and Acupuncture (including giving myself acupuncture facials!) to keep things under control.

I believe that TCM is a way of life – and I live my life that way

I’m a big believer in the idea that health should be simple. I’m a busy woman and so any health ideals that involve stringent rules and diets don’t really fit into my world. Nor should they. Health is about feeling your best and stressing over strict guidelines won’t help that! Instead, I incorporate small things – seasonal herbal teas, self-massage, magnesium sprays or liniment application for sore muscles, mindfulness breathing exercises when I’m stressed, apple cider vinegar in the mornings and herbal formulas when I need them.

These days many people find that their lives are rushed, hectic and often overwhelming. By using some of these techniques I fin that it’s possible to create little pockets of self-care. They don’t take long and overall life becomes kinder, gentler and more relaxed. Basically, I believe my own bullshit. If I ask one of my clients to make a little change to their lifestyle, they can rest assured that I’ve done the same (or at least something very similar).

I have an interest in community Acupuncture and making Acupuncture more accessible

I grew up working in a community-based GP clinic in Sydney’s inner city. There was a big emphasis on treating patients that couldn’t normally afford health care and making sure that they were given the best treatment available. This is a philosophy that has followed me throughout the years – especially in regards to Acupuncture.

Having completed internships in both India and China, I’ve seen first hand how well community acupuncture can work. I believe that Acupuncture should be accessible to everyone – regardless of whether they have private health insurance, or can afford the sometimes-expensive fees. In keeping with this, I always offer discounts to students, pensioners and healthcare cardholders.


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