How To: Deal with Indulgence

Sometimes it’s fun not to be controlled. To go out with the girls (or the guys), have a glass of wine (or two - but no more than that for me because I’m a lightweight) and possibly something completely delicious for dinner. And dessert. Because what is dinner without dessert when you're out with friends and there are enough of you to share everything on the menu? Basically it isn’t dinner, that’s what.

If you have, don’t worry. We all have. You haven’t fallen off any particular wagon. You just had fun. Instead of berating yourself the next day, just relish that moment and make sure that you enjoyed it to the upmost. That is what matters. Having your cake, eating it too and enjoying every last mouthful.

The next day if you’re tummy or your head feel a bit off there’s a few things you can do:

  1. Pop a bit of mandarin peel or a cinnamon stick in some water and sip on it like tea. Top it up. Enjoy frequently. Better yet - stick some in your water bottle, top it up with freshly boiled water and sip on it all day.

  2. Go for a walk. Nothing soothes angry, stagnant Liver Qi like a lovely walk. If you can, dig your toes into the earth for some Grounding action.

  3. Eat some delicious and nutritious meals. Good ol’ oats for breakfast and earthy, nourishing root veggies with your lunch and steamed greens with dinner. Sweet potatoes are a great way to help stick your digestion back on track.

  4. Herbal medicine - most Chinese medicine practitioners have more than a few formulas in their first aid kit for certain things. I’m sure they keep a bit of Bao He Wan in there too - also known as the 'Hang Over Formula'. I kid you not - that is actually a thing.

  5. Have a nap. Yep, if you get tired at 3pm just curl up for 30 minutes or so. Don’t sleep the afternoon away, just have a little shut eye so that you can carry on with your afternoon while feeling rejuvenated.

  6. Share these tips with your friends - they’re probably feeling as sub-optimal as you are.

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself! The Silly Season is meant to be enjoyed!


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