Acupuncture for Fertility

Are you thinking about maybe one day getting ready to have a baby? Or are you starting to try for a baby? Or have you been trying for a while? Fertility is one of the reasons women and men viononlinen acupuncturist. There are several things your acupuncturist will look at when you come in for pre-conception care.

Generally for women we will

  • Check your hormones - using BBT charting and looking at your test results,

  • Regulate your cycle to optimise fertile mucus and ovulation,

  • Figure out when YOU are fertile and make sure you have all the signs of a supercharged fertile window.

For men we will

  • Check that your sperm is healthy, well shaped and swimming in the right direction.

If these things aren't quite there for you yet (regular cycle or regular sperm), don't worry. There is a treatment plan to support you and your needs. With Chinese Medicine we treat the whole person - not just a problem. So when you see an acupuncturist every part of your story is taken into account.

If you're going down the IVF pathway then acupuncturists can help to support your journey there too.

If you would like any more information, have any questions or would like to make a booking please feel free to get in touch via phone (0408 402 512), via email ( or book online.


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